"There is an awakening with the women of today... a new sense of signature self is being birthed." -Shelly Beauchaine

My story began in 2005 with a pair of out-grown jeans that I had "immortalized" for my daughter. Little did I know that reworking those jeans into a belt and handbag ensemble would open this "creative door" that I have been walking through every day since. I have no formal education in fashion or the fashion industry, instead I seek only to follow my heart and express myself through my designs and my craft. For me, fashion is a conversation, an art-form, a passion, a vision, and a signature... one unique to every woman. 



"We each have our own unique story that shapes who we are, I want each one of my designs to be a celebration of that story." -Shelly Beauchaine

I believe women want to have a more emotional and spiritual connection to the clothing and accessories they wear. I create each hand-crafted accessory with one goal in mind, to celebrate the beautifully created, one-of-a-kind woman who wears it. 

"Old textiles have a soul to them... they have been places." -Shelly Beauchaine

The textiles always speak to me first. I need to get emotionally invested in the materials I use and develop a relationship with them. Every signature Shell Bell Vanity piece is a mix of old and new. The history and experience of old textiles that finds new life when paired with new fabrics. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them!